Welcome to Vienna,

Welcome to Radatz!

Vienna’s sausage stands are world-famous. They are beloved venues where people from all walks of life gather to enjoy a quick sausage snack in the most casual manner, and if the sausage tastes really great, it is most likely Radatz. 

We are family!

A Viennese Family Enterprise since 1962

Nearly six decades after its start, our small butcher shop has grown into one of Austria’s most modern businesses, with a staff of 890 dedicated employees and a range of legendary quality products, famous far beyond Austria. The recipe for our success: family-mindedness, real expertise in the butcher trade, clever product ideas and, most importantly, great taste. 


Product RANGE


Inventor of the world famous


Original Viennese Käsekrainer:„Käsekrainer“ is a fried sausage spiced with cheese, and, beyond that, a Viennese culina-ry heritage. Making the perfect Käsekrainer is serious butcher craft, driven by love for total taste. Spicy meat meets molten cheese, and it’s not a snack, it’s a celebration! The Viennese and their Käsekrainer make one very special love story. 




Viennese „Beinschinken“ Ham: Making a Radatz Beinschinken takes tons of experience and intuition. This is the most precious of all hams, and the final proof of the butcher’s craft. Handmade with utmost care, spiced with a tender smoky note, juicy and mild, it gives  the perfect ham aroma. This is a piece of art, and the result of real precision work. The master’s experience is the key to perfection. Our Beinschinken variety goes from chili to honey to even Gin. 



favourite sausages

This product range has made us great. A huge variety of original Viennese recipes with outstanding quality and, most importantly, amazing taste have earned us our excellent reputation. 


Ready, steady, go


 In our stores we offer a huge range of fresh soups and ready to (h)eat convenience products, such as Rindssuppe, Gulaschsupe, Chili con carne, Beuschel and many more.


Over 80 different kinds of


Our wide range of sausages offers treats for every taste. From Bratwurst to Knacker from Frankfurter to Sacherwürstel, from Berner Würstel to Debreziner, from Waldviertler to Burenwurst, from Blutwurst to … We offer a large variety of sausages with special flavours such as a Käsekainer with Feta, or with Wien Gin, or as Quattro Formaggi etc. Feel free to contact us for any further details!


There is always a reason to have


Extra fine Leberkäse: Their lanuginose consistency and  perfect taste set the Radatz Leberkäse meat loafs apart. They are „pipifein“, and that’s Viennese for „really wonderful“, because the Radatz master butchers do not for a minute turn their backs on the delicate production process. Machines don’t make the difference - people do. Try it in a crispy roll, sold over the counter, or fry it at home in the oven and serve it with potato salad. 


Rich taste

Fried & smoked

Perfect spicing and smoking take lots of experience and intuition. Radatz has plenty of both. Our speciality: tasty smoked ribs and cured pork, roast pork and spicy caraway roast. 


Typical Austrian


 You want to dig deep into Austrias taste? There we go! Let's try something indigenous from Streichwurst & Schmalz, to Aspik & Sulz or treat yourself with a Blutwurst.

Can we


Export Vienna!

Fancy a bit of Vienna in your country? Radatz is currently exporting into 27 countries. Feel free to contact our Manager Andre Herzog to find out, what we can do for you.



Vienna is closer than you think! Radatz has got a long history in exporting to countries around the Adria. Feel free to contact our Sales Manager for the adriatic region Tomislav Bradvica to find out, what we can do for you.


Export Vienna!

Our Manager Iris Schweitzer is currently on maternity leave.





Radatz Fleischerei

Radatz Butcher Shops: Trusted partners who share our dedication to meat quality, all dedicated masters of their craft, offering tasty sausage specialities and exquisite gourmet recipes, and serving fresh, tasty Viennese style lunch menus every day – you find all this in the Radatz butcher shops. We have one simple principle: the very best of everything. Come visit us in one of our 23 butcher shops.

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Radatz Wurst Gross Markt

Radatz Wurst superstores are heaven on earth for many meat and sausage lovers and countless Radatz fans. Here you find big package sizes at reduced prices, all fresh from our production lines. It's the place to be for budget savers and bbq party hosts. Currently there are 13 branches in and around Vienna.

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FROm 4 to 890

1962 Franz Radatz started the company with four employees. Today Radatz employs over 890 people – and is still run by the family.


We produce on two locations, one in Vienna in the 23rd district (Radatz) and one north of Vienna in Gerasdorf (Stastnik).


There are more than 700 products in the Radatz product range. From sausages to ham, to fried and smoked specialities.

SINCE 1998

The famous Salami brand "Stastnik", founded in 1898, has been part of the Radatz family for more than two decades.


19.000 guests enjoying tasty lunches at the Radatz Fleischerei outlets every week. We serve traditional Viennese dishes 6 days a week.


Our consolidatet sale revenue across all Radatz and Stastnik brands and sub-brands is 210 million Euros.

1.16 sec

Every 1.16 seconds, somewhere in Austria somebody bites into a Radatz Leberkäse roll, that are available in our outlets and via big supermarkets.


We are exporting to 27 countries. Our export-rates are steadlily climbing – right now up to 10,9 %

Quality first


We strongly believe in

Values & quality management

Radatz is a down-to-earth business with strong focus on integrity,  honesty and solid craftsmanship. We know that even the best  machine can never replace the character, skills and experience of the master. Our quality management builds on our family’s belief in the value of honesty. We focus on safety, ongoing product development and the uncompromising preservation of the great taste of our tradition- steeped products. 

ISO certified

ISO Norms are world-wide harmonised standards for all units in our food chain. In 1995 we have been ISO 9001 certfied for the first time, which meant meeting all requirements reagarding product safety. Furthermore we have decided voluntarely to be certfied on ISO 22000, ISO 50001 and ISO 9001:2008, which means we have commited ourselves to higher standards than are required.


We have proudly been tagged with the Austria hallmark, that certifies Austrian premium producers for their outstanding quality.


The IFS Food Standard reviews the products and production processes to evaluate a food producer's ability to produce safe, authentic, and quality products according to legal requirements and customer specifications. Since 2003 we have been IFS certfied.


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