from the Radatz company history

The Radatz name represents the values taste, family and Vienna – and has grown over the last five decades from a small butcher’s shop to Austria’s largest private meat-processing business. In 1998, its focus on cold cuts, sausages and ham was perfectly supplemented by the takeover of Stastnik, a company with more than 100 years of tradition in producing high-quality smoked sausages, salamis and bacon.

Radatz was founded as a family business quite literally. And it still feels that way today. In a working atmosphere in which the employees feel happy and stay for more than 10 years on average, you can feel that family businesses are different. Planning ahead for the future and keeping the business running for the staff, their families and ultimately for ourselves, this has always been a priority over short-term profit maximisation measured in quarterly figures.

An essential key to sustainable corporate success is having long-term connections with business partners. This is because years of experience and personal service create trust and this in turn forms the basis of fair business relationships. We pay particular attention to our choice of suppliers. Buying meat is a question of experience but also of trust. Which is why we only buy from suppliers that have proven themselves over many years in doing business together.

In addition, we oblige our suppliers to comply with our strictly defined purchasing conditions. The Supplier Code of Conduct, which is closely aligned with our corporate principles, is intended to encourage our business partners to comply with specific standards in the social, environmental and animal welfare sectors. Precise monitoring of goods delivery and a strict supplier evaluation system plus supplier audits also contribute to the functioning of our system. The same applies to the purchasing of resources and supplies.