Our commitment
to quality is certified

What has not changed since 1962 – excellent taste and outstanding product quality will always be our main focus. Today we have our quality certified by external, independent specialists and voluntarily undergo regular inspections. Meat and sausages are highly sensitive products and processing them is done under strict guidelines. We were certified to ISO 9001 for the first time in 1995 and have been certified to the International Featured Standard - Food (IFS) since 2003. Regular monitoring at all stages of the production and packaging process ensures the best quality, in order to guarantee freshness and therefore food safety at all times. Since 2003, we have also been a part of the Öko Profit module of Vienna’s EcoBusinessPlan. With the support of external consultants we develop and implement economic and ecological projects. 

We have a large range of products, several of them are certified as organic and AMA or are allowed to bear the quality seal “Austria Gütezeichen Musterbetrieb”. In addition, we are delighted that our brand management also receives great achievements and that Radatz is awarded as “Superbrands Austria”.

Much has changed in the last 50 years but our standards have remained the same.

ISO certificate for Radatz

ISO Certified

All of the ISO certifications are globally harmonised standards for all companies in the entire food chain.

We were certified for the first time in 1995. ISO 9001:2008 is a globally acknowledged quality standard for business procedures. It determines the requirements for a quality management system, with which a company can demonstrate its ability to create products and services in accordance with customer requirements and according to possible regulatory provisions.

ISO 22000 is an extension of ISO 9001:2008 and defines standards in the food safety sector. This food safety standard was based on ISO 9001:2008 and extends it by creating additional requirements in relation to the issue of food safety for end consumers. 

Our latest extensions of the ISO certifications are FSSC 22000 and ISO 50001.

IFS Food certificate Radatz

IFS Food

This certificate is used for standardised testing of food safety and the quality level of producers. In addition, we have been certified to the International Featured Standard - Food (IFS) since 2003. The purpose of the IFS is to ensure food safety and the quality of products, to reinforce consumer protection and confidence and to enhance transparency in the food chain.

Quality Austria Seal Radatz

Austria Quality Seal

The Austria Quality Seal was implemented to the Austrian market 70 years ago and is nowadays one of the leading Quality Seals in Europe. It is a distinctive mark that, thanks to continuous quality monitoring, is a guarantee for local quality. It identifies companies that are proceeding with exceptional accomplishments according to the required guidelines. http://www.qualityaustria.com/index.php?id=564&L=1

Öko Business Plan

Vienna’s “ÖkoBusinesPlan” is the city’s environmental service package for Viennese companies. Since 2003 we have taken part in the Eco Profit module of Vienna’s Öko Business Plan. With the support of external consultants economic and ecological projects are developed and implemented. Launched by Vienna’s Department of Environmental Protection (MA 22) in 1998, the Öko Business Plan supports companies in implementing environmentally relevant measures in business and helps reducing operational costs in the process. The goal is to achieve clean profits for the environment and companies through ecological business methods and to use environmental protection to secure high quality and financial benefits within these companies.

DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft)

Using strict sensory testing methods the DLG tests thousands of food products every year and awards a seal of approval in gold, silver or bronze. The DLG (= Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft / German Agricultural Society) tests around 30,000 products from various food sectors each year. To receive a gold, silver or bronze award the food has to be subjected to a sensory analysis and evaluated by appearance, smell, taste and consistency. In addition, the products may be tested according to preparation, packaging and labelling as well as chemical, microbiological and physical lab tests. Several of our products are submitted for testing each year and receive gold, silver or bronze awards. www.dlg.org

AMA Gütesiegel

The AMA Gütesiegel serves as a guide when buying products and ensures independent monitoring. It stands for conventionally produced food, which fulfil AMA quality criteria and whose origins are traceable. We produce several products that are AMA-certified. www.ama-marketing.at/orientierungshilfen/ama-guetesiegel/

EU Bio Logo

EU Organic Logo

We produce a large range of products, for several retail chains also products certified as organic. All the products that bear the EU Organic logo have been manufactured in accordance with the EU regulation on organic farming and thus promote consumer confidence in the origin and quality of the products.

Superbrands Austria

Superbrands is the world’s largest organisation for brand awards and evaluation. We are delighted to have received the Superbrands award in 2013 and 2014. Superbrands was founded in London in 1995 and introduced in Austria in 2013. This prize is awarded to companies for their excellent brand management. The way in which Superbrands are selected makes this award especially important, as in addition to industry experts Austrian consumers are also surveyed. The surveys are carried out by the market research company GfK Austria, which also determines the brands and criteria for expert review. www.superbrands.at


Konsument tests over a hundred product groups each year and provides information about the quality of goods and services. The Association for Consumer Information (VKI) has set itself the goal of making independent and objective information available to consumers and representing their interests. Every year over a hundred inspections of goods and services are conducted and products tested. These tests are used to determine whether consumer goods are safe, their quality is alright and all the product information is true. The results are published online at www.konsument.at and in the magazine Konsument and all the product manufacturers are named. In September 2014 33 different meat loaf products were subject to extensive testing. We are delighted that our Radatz sliced meat loaf was rated Very Good. www.konsument.at